By Digitools May 2, 2023

Facebook has become an integral part of our daily lives, and with its immense popularity, the platform has now become a hub for sharing and discovering videos of all kinds. While streaming on social media sites like Facebook is convenient, what about situations where you want to watch a video again, without an internet connection, or even share it with someone who does not use Facebook?

Fortunately, with the use of a few tools and tricks, it’s possible to download Facebook videos easily and quickly. In this article, we’ll explore the different methods of downloading Facebook videos, from desktop to mobile devices, ensuring you don’t miss out on any of your favorite moments.

Why Download Facebook Videos?

There are several reasons why you might want to download Facebook videos. Firstly, it’s a way to take a backup or save the videos you love, without worrying about their creators deleting them or the internet connection issues. You can also share the videos with your friends and family who do not have a Facebook account or do not have access to the internet. Finally, downloading Facebook videos is also a way of saving your favorite memories, making sure you can revisit them any time you want.

Sharing videos with friends and family

Not everyone you know, including close friends and family, might have a Facebook account or be able to access the platform. Downloading a video and sharing it via email, WhatsApp, or other messaging apps is a great way to stay connected and share precious moments.

Imagine your grandparents who live in a remote area, with no internet connection, and have never seen your baby’s first steps. By downloading the video and sharing it with them via a messaging app, you can bring joy and happiness to their lives, and they can feel like they are a part of your family’s special moments.

Offline viewing

Downloading Facebook videos is also a great way to ensure that you can watch your favorite videos offline, without any buffering or other issues. This is especially useful when you are traveling or in a location with a poor internet connection.

For example, you might be on a long flight and want to watch a video that you saw on Facebook. By downloading the video before your flight, you can watch it without any interruptions, and enjoy it as many times as you want.

Saving your favorite memories

Facebook is a great platform to share your life’s moments with your friends and family. However, what happens when someone deletes their Facebook account or decides to remove the video from their profile?

By downloading your favorite Facebook videos, you can ensure that you have a backup of your memories, and you won’t have to worry about losing them forever. You can watch them again and again, and relive those special moments whenever you want.

For example, you might have a video of your child’s first birthday on Facebook. By downloading the video, you can save it on your computer or phone, and watch it whenever you want, even if the original video is deleted from Facebook.

In conclusion, downloading Facebook videos is a great way to back up your favorite videos, share them with your loved ones, watch them offline, and save your precious memories. So, the next time you see a video on Facebook that you love, don’t hesitate to download it and keep it with you forever.

Preparing to Download Facebook Videos

Before we explore the different tools and methods of downloading Facebook videos, we need to prepare our devices to ensure we can download videos efficiently and without any hassle.

Downloading videos from Facebook is a great way to save and share videos with your friends and family. Whether it’s a funny cat video or a heartwarming clip, downloading videos from Facebook can be a convenient and easy way to keep them for future use.

Checking video privacy settings

It’s vital to make sure that the video you want to download is not set to private or only visible to certain users. If a video is set to private, you will not be able to download it using any of the methods mentioned in this article.

However, if the video is public or available for everyone to view, then you can easily download it using one of the many tools available online.

Ensuring you have a stable internet connection

Downloading videos may take some time, especially if the video is lengthy or of high quality. Therefore, it’s important to have a stable internet connection to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted download. Slow internet connectivity may lead to errors or the download getting interrupted.

You can check your internet speed by using a free online speed test tool. If your internet speed is slow, it’s best to wait until you have a better connection to download the video.

Updating your browser or app

Ensure that you have the latest version of your web browser or Facebook app installed, as it will help you avoid any compatibility issues with the video downloading tools and extensions.

Updating your browser or app is easy and can be done with just a few clicks. Simply go to the settings menu and look for the option to update your browser or app.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that you are ready to download Facebook videos without any issues. So go ahead and start downloading your favorite videos today!

Downloading Facebook Videos on Desktop

Are you tired of watching Facebook videos online and want to download them to your desktop? Lucky for you, there are several ways to do so! Let’s take a look at some methods:

Using a web-based downloader

One of the easiest ways to download Facebook videos is by using a web-based downloader. There are several options available, but one of the most popular and trustworthy is digitoolsonline. This website allows you to download Facebook videos by simply copying the link of the video that you want to download, pasting it into the downloader’s text box, and clicking on the Download button. The video will start downloading in the desired format and quality.

Another great advantage of using a web-based downloader is that you don’t need to install any software on your computer. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Browser extensions for video downloading

If you prefer to have more control over the video downloading process, you can use browser extensions such as Video DownloadHelper. This extension is available for Firefox and Chrome and allows you to download Facebook videos in various formats and quality.

Once installed, the extension detects any video that is playing on Facebook and provides the option to download it. You can choose the format and quality that you prefer, and the video will start downloading immediately.

Downloading videos through the source code

If you’re a tech-savvy user and want to ensure the best possible video quality, you can download Facebook videos through the source code. This method involves accessing the video URL from the source code of the Facebook page.

To do this, you’ll need to follow a complicated set of steps that involve accessing the browser’s developer tools and navigating through the source code. While this method may intimidate some users, it guarantees the best possible video quality available.

In conclusion, there are several ways to download Facebook videos on your desktop. Whether you prefer a simple and straightforward method or a more advanced one, you can find a solution that suits your needs.

Downloading Facebook Videos on Mobile Devices

Android apps for video downloading

There are several apps available on the Google Play Store that let you download Facebook videos directly onto your Android device. Apps like Video Downloader for Facebook, Video Downloader Plus, and FastVid: Video Downloader for Facebook are some of the most popular options available. These apps allow you to paste the link of the Facebook video that you want to download and give you the option to choose the quality of the video before starting the download.

iOS apps for video downloading

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can look for apps like MyMedia, Video Saver Pro, and Downloader for Facebook Video, which allow you to download Facebook videos easily. Similarly, copy the link of the video and paste it into the app. You’ll have the option to choose the quality and format of the video before initiating the download.

Mobile browser-based downloaders

One of the easiest ways to download Facebook videos on your mobile device is by using a mobile browser, such as Chrome or Safari. Simply copy the link of the video, paste it into the address bar, and replace ‘www’ with ‘mbasic.’ Hit enter, and you’ll land on Facebook’s mobile site, where you’ll be prompted to play the video. Tap and hold on to the video to download the video to your device.


While Facebook’s policies do not permit the downloading or sharing of videos without permission, downloading videos is perfectly legal if the creators have allowed sharing or marked them as public. Whether you want to back up your most loved videos, share them with your loved ones, or watch them offline, there are several ways to download Facebook videos, whether you’re on a desktop or a mobile device. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you’ll be well on your way to downloading your favorite content in no time.